“Tasting” refined sugars

A while ago I was put in a situation where I had to ingest some soy milk (the situation being it’s winter and I want gingerbread with milk and didn’t want to wait a day for the cashews to soak), but I found that compared to last time I really don’t like soy milk any more – it feels disgustingly sweet to me. This has nothing to do with sweet per se, since I eat large amounts of bananas and dates (dates being one of the sweetest fruits existing) every day. No, it’s about the unnatural and artificial so-called “sweet” taste that synthetic sweeteners have.

It’s interesting that after being on the raw diet a while, your body gets detoxified so you can really tell what is in those so-called “traditional” foods. This to me feels that it must be literally impossible to fall off the cooked wagon, since what tastes good is no longer the junk food you just to eat (yes, if it is not raw it is junk food, even that delicious mushroom and coconut-milk stew)


Gastric system training

About a week ago I fell off the raw wagon once again. For once it wasn’t for some snacks like corn chips or gingerbread though, which actually feels a lot better. No, I felt some insane craving to make some baked potato wedges, with ketchup (which is hell), but that’s too conditioned to these kinds of dishes not to have it. Anyways, I borrowed some potatoes and ketchup from a friend in the corridor and made some. It was really delicious and I also got some new reflections since after getting raw.

First, when you eat cooked food your gastric system regresses. I started making the normal amount I used when I was still on a traditional diet (about 300 grams), actually took a little more since it was a “special occasion” and was worried it would be too much. I had to make another bunch, my gastric system is doing so much work on the diet I eat as a raw vegan that the amount given as cooked food is nothing to it – you destroy everything that can keep the gastric system on the top of it’s game. No wonder I always felt that I never could handle the veggies after a meal as a kid and teenager this diet, my gastric system was so out of whack that it couldn’t handle anything outside of how it was “supposed” to be on the traditional diet. Actually, this may be why I didn’t feel like I god any food during the party at the literature institution, my stomach is just used to far more bulk.

Secondly – the tiiiime. Oh my god do you get used to the speed of raw food fast or not? I was about to die waiting those 20-25 minutes for the potatoes to finish, and after I had to redo it again I was going insane. People ask after an argument to do raw food? How about not spending half your day in the kitchen every day? Yes, I love cooking (and do even as raw vegan), but it doesn’t mean that you want to do complex dishes every day. Some days you just want a simple and delicious dish on your desk – and on the raw vegan diet you will have that in a few minutes.


HFCS madness

I was shopping at my favorite (well, only, but it’s so fantastic I just have to say it) moroccan market a while ago and thought that I would pick up a different brand of dates, than the cheap ones I normally use and guess what – all the other brands were covered with High Fructose Corn Sirup. Covering dates, the most sugary fruit in existence, with that crap – wtf!!!

Through research on sis’s request I later found out that sirap, a swedish product used in a lot of candy production and a lot of other sweets eaten during a Swedish christmas in the Agstam househol, like my favorite “knäck” is not a product, it is invert sugar sirup, which is basically just the same as HFCS. All the stuff I have eaten, feels not so good now. Probably will eat it this christmas too (if not for other reason to keep peace in the household), but will try to show more restraint. But how liberally (and uselessly in the case of the dates) this shit is being used just pisses me off. Everybody – use date sirup or maple sirup instead of these shitty things. If you don’t want to make your own, buy it – it’s processed, but still thousands of times better than the so-called “traditional” crap. Why do we call that traditional by the way? Isn’t it far more traditional to keep the body strong so it will thrive and survive? If we didn’t how did our species survive evolution?


Idiot government

OK – this is getting ridiculous. I’m reading about the governemnt’s new plans to reduce smoking among the population. Come on: it says “smoking kills” on the pack. If you still choose to puff that cigarette – you deserve to die. Might improve the gene pool! Ah, but seriously, it’s not like you can inform people to stop smoking – they all know it’s bad for them.

Smoking is a symptom, not the disease. People start smoking for more psychological reasons – put the money at improving the situation for the kids instead and you will se a reduction far beyond the almost non-existent and extremely temporary reductions that happen now.

Seriously our goverment alway find some way to regulate taste – something I don’t want it to do (e.g. through taxes): smoking is bad and children are good. Of course I couldn’t disagree more – never been a smoker and never will, but given the choice between a smoker and a kid on a train/bus/flight I’d take the smoker – even if they were still allowed to smoke on the planes. wtf happened to personal responsibility in this country?

Yet they can’t legislate against trans fats or the actually tobacco companies. They put legislation where it shouldn’t be (burden on the concumer) and really won’t change anything – I mean you don’t get alcoholics to stop drinking, even though we have the highest alcohol taxes IN THE WORLD, instead of putting the burden on the actual corporations that are dealing the fcucking shit. They put how much money in tobacco regulations, but do nothing against trans fats, in the era of the worst obesity epidemic in history. And how about forcing the corporations to put some non-lung raping cigarettes on the shelves, e.g. herbal cigarettes? That might help people to make educated decisions, without legislating their taste.

Bottom line: we should make people decide what they want to do so that even if their situation changes the decision will stand firm. If you legislate taste once a person is in another situation (e.g. a trip) he will go back to what his taste is. Look for intelligence in the government…

Chocolate mousse with raspberries and bananas

Here is the recipe I mentioned in the previous post. It was originally meant to be just a date chocolate mousse, but I have realized that I have a problem with too concentrated tastes – like a nut cheese. The same here, it was not delicious so I mixed it up with another recipe and made some pure deliciousness. You can use less dates if you don’t want to use quite so many, but I would recommend only lessening the dates. Leave the carob, passion fruits, berries and bananas at the same level or more (depending on preferences)

250 grams pitted dates (soaked this time, but maybe it will work anyways)

1 tbsp carob powder

2-3 passion fruits

1 cup raspberries

3 bananas (two for garnish and one to thicken the mousse)

1. Take the dates, the carob, one banana and some water in the food processor to desired consistency. Then add passion fruits and blend again.

2. Put over into a bowl and add bananas and rasperries.

3. Enjoy 🙂


Difficult to understand the hostility? Hardly…

I’ve noticed at times (in different forums) that people have a tendency to not be able to understand the hostility that some people release against vegans and (especially) raw vegans. I agree that it is a very unfortunate hostility, but unexplainably? Not quite. And if you are living around one such person it owuld be even more easy. Come on, think of it – one person is making his hearty dinner, maybe they bought a pizza tonight: a big wheat crust, lots of tomato sauce (made with god knows what), lots of cheese, quite a bit of ham there, some obligatory mushrooms (because we can’t make it unhealthy, because that would be bad :P) and so on. Now most people see through the sham that you can actually eat this stuff and live well. Imagine then steadily being in contact with a raw vegan, who due to only natural ingredients don’t have to care about the nutrient value in his foods that much. Imagine seeing him day after day being to have the most delicious desserts imaginable, like today I had a chocolate mousse (dates, carobs, passion fruits) topped with bananas and raspberries for dinner. If you were to see this stuff a lot, you would (if of course you did not have the openness required to change your habits) become quite pissed. I think this has to do a lot with the resentment, just like a lot of homophobics are repressed homosexuals. It’s definitely undeserved resentment, but unexplainable?…NOT!



My carob powder that I ordered arrived today (or maybe a few days ago, seeing as I don’t check my mail that often) so I started the day by adding some to my banana smoothie and GOD was it delicious. Sure, it doesn’t taste like cacao, but that’s good – I don’t need stuff tasting like toxins. Delicious things are delicious, that’s all you need to know and am I EVER happy to have something I can make “chocolate” stuff with now!!! But, maaan, I want a health store close to me that actually sells stuff that you can use, the so-called “health” stores in Uppsala (same chain) only sells drugs, with a very small portion of some seeds, oils and shakes and the like (all hardly “healthy). Carob powder and the like is fine, but hemp hearts and chia seeds will unfortunately be too expensive 😦 Wait, maybe if I buy a lot of stuff in bulk and order like a kilo totally the price might be reasonable enough to cover the shipping. Whatever, sorry for the rant, here is the pic.