Idiot government

OK – this is getting ridiculous. I’m reading about the governemnt’s new plans to reduce smoking among the population. Come on: it says “smoking kills” on the pack. If you still choose to puff that cigarette – you deserve to die. Might improve the gene pool! Ah, but seriously, it’s not like you can inform people to stop smoking – they all know it’s bad for them.

Smoking is a symptom, not the disease. People start smoking for more psychological reasons – put the money at improving the situation for the kids instead and you will se a reduction far beyond the almost non-existent and extremely temporary reductions that happen now.

Seriously our goverment alway find some way to regulate taste – something I don’t want it to do (e.g. through taxes): smoking is bad and children are good. Of course I couldn’t disagree more – never been a smoker and never will, but given the choice between a smoker and a kid on a train/bus/flight I’d take the smoker – even if they were still allowed to smoke on the planes. wtf happened to personal responsibility in this country?

Yet they can’t legislate against trans fats or the actually tobacco companies. They put legislation where it shouldn’t be (burden on the concumer) and really won’t change anything – I mean you don’t get alcoholics to stop drinking, even though we have the highest alcohol taxes IN THE WORLD, instead of putting the burden on the actual corporations that are dealing the fcucking shit. They put how much money in tobacco regulations, but do nothing against trans fats, in the era of the worst obesity epidemic in history. And how about forcing the corporations to put some non-lung raping cigarettes on the shelves, e.g. herbal cigarettes? That might help people to make educated decisions, without legislating their taste.

Bottom line: we should make people decide what they want to do so that even if their situation changes the decision will stand firm. If you legislate taste once a person is in another situation (e.g. a trip) he will go back to what his taste is. Look for intelligence in the government…


One response to “Idiot government

  1. I agree with ur thots..legislating taste..never thot abt it dat way…yes as a past smoker myself I can say u’ve hit the nail on the head..people do know it’s bad for them..what is largely lacking is personal responsibility..loved this post

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