a recipe for brainiac workers

As a student, especially as a masters student, and even more especially as a masters student who is delegated to doing about 100% of the work at home (i.e. no discussions) it is vital for me to keep my energy up during the day, otherwise how could I manage to crack such a tough cookie as Heidegger’s “being and time” and similar books? I couldn’t, that’s the plain and simple truth. Two things that can be done to solve this is getting a lot of sleep and going to the gym 3 times/week (even more important if you are not raw, since there will be more toxins in your body to make you tired). Another thing that I have noticed however that makes me “get going” is to get a sweet meal during the day. Not nibbling on dates and stuff at odd times, that only makes me fidgety. But actually taking a meal made from sweet fruits. One wonderful thing is the ol’ “fig ‘n’ grape” which is a smoothie made from about 3-3.5 cups grapes and 2-3 figs (if dried they need to be soaked). But something that gave me energy beyond comparison is this fantastic dish that I made a couple of days ago – as always taken from Chris Kendall’s wonderful recipe collection – thank you Chris 🙂 It’s a soup made from pineapple (or mango) and grapes. Normally you are supposed to use proper grape, but I do not have that kind of money so I had to use canned in it’s own juice, so I suppose it isn’t really a proper raw soup, but almost at least.


500 grams pineapple or mangoes

4 tangerines

1 cup grapes

1. Place 50% of mangoes/pineapple in blender together with tangerines (easier if you separate the clefts first.

2. Dice the rest and put in bowl with grapes.

3. “Pulse it, baby” and pour the broth over the whole ingredients.

P.S. If like me you use canned pineapple, DO NOT add the juice in the can as well, you will then have way too much, and probably way too diluted as well, soup.



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