My carob powder that I ordered arrived today (or maybe a few days ago, seeing as I don’t check my mail that often) so I started the day by adding some to my banana smoothie and GOD was it delicious. Sure, it doesn’t taste like cacao, but that’s good – I don’t need stuff tasting like toxins. Delicious things are delicious, that’s all you need to know and am I EVER happy to have something I can make “chocolate” stuff with now!!! But, maaan, I want a health store close to me that actually sells stuff that you can use, the so-called “health” stores in Uppsala (same chain) only sells drugs, with a very small portion of some seeds, oils and shakes and the like (all hardly “healthy). Carob powder and the like is fine, but hemp hearts and chia seeds will unfortunately be too expensive 😦 Wait, maybe if I buy a lot of stuff in bulk and order like a kilo totally the price might be reasonable enough to cover the shipping. Whatever, sorry for the rant, here is the pic.



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