“Tasting” refined sugars

A while ago I was put in a situation where I had to ingest some soy milk (the situation being it’s winter and I want gingerbread with milk and didn’t want to wait a day for the cashews to soak), but I found that compared to last time I really don’t like soy milk any more – it feels disgustingly sweet to me. This has nothing to do with sweet per se, since I eat large amounts of bananas and dates (dates being one of the sweetest fruits existing) every day. No, it’s about the unnatural and artificial so-called “sweet” taste that synthetic sweeteners have.

It’s interesting that after being on the raw diet a while, your body gets detoxified so you can really tell what is in those so-called “traditional” foods. This to me feels that it must be literally impossible to fall off the cooked wagon, since what tastes good is no longer the junk food you just to eat (yes, if it is not raw it is junk food, even that delicious mushroom and coconut-milk stew)


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