Chocolate mousse with raspberries and bananas

Here is the recipe I mentioned in the previous post. It was originally meant to be just a date chocolate mousse, but I have realized that I have a problem with too concentrated tastes – like a nut cheese. The same here, it was not delicious so I mixed it up with another recipe and made some pure deliciousness. You can use less dates if you don’t want to use quite so many, but I would recommend only lessening the dates. Leave the carob, passion fruits, berries and bananas at the same level or more (depending on preferences)

250 grams pitted dates (soaked this time, but maybe it will work anyways)

1 tbsp carob powder

2-3 passion fruits

1 cup raspberries

3 bananas (two for garnish and one to thicken the mousse)

1. Take the dates, the carob, one banana and some water in the food processor to desired consistency. Then add passion fruits and blend again.

2. Put over into a bowl and add bananas and rasperries.

3. Enjoy 🙂



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