Difficult to understand the hostility? Hardly…

I’ve noticed at times (in different forums) that people have a tendency to not be able to understand the hostility that some people release against vegans and (especially) raw vegans. I agree that it is a very unfortunate hostility, but unexplainably? Not quite. And if you are living around one such person it owuld be even more easy. Come on, think of it – one person is making his hearty dinner, maybe they bought a pizza tonight: a big wheat crust, lots of tomato sauce (made with god knows what), lots of cheese, quite a bit of ham there, some obligatory mushrooms (because we can’t make it unhealthy, because that would be bad :P) and so on. Now most people see through the sham that you can actually eat this stuff and live well. Imagine then steadily being in contact with a raw vegan, who due to only natural ingredients don’t have to care about the nutrient value in his foods that much. Imagine seeing him day after day being to have the most delicious desserts imaginable, like today I had a chocolate mousse (dates, carobs, passion fruits) topped with bananas and raspberries for dinner. If you were to see this stuff a lot, you would (if of course you did not have the openness required to change your habits) become quite pissed. I think this has to do a lot with the resentment, just like a lot of homophobics are repressed homosexuals. It’s definitely undeserved resentment, but unexplainable?…NOT!



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