Fear, evolution and what the hell is wrong with our culture

On my last rhetorics class we talked about speech fear/nervousness a bit. While we had different experiences and beliefs for how to combat this an interesting aspect came up. Me and another girl both had this – while mentally we do not finding making a speech to be a frightful experience, no matter how well-prepared or calm we are we still usually get some physical reaction when we hold some kind of speech or presentation, in my case my legs shake sometimes. This lead me to the following reflection – this is like so many other wonderful aspects of the human body (e.g. easily gaining body fat from a sedetary lifestyle) a remnant from evolution. We have gained abilities that serve to preserve the species form extinction. The fear (mind and/or body) serve, like spiderman’s spider-sense, to warn us of a dangerous situation so that we can do a 180-degree turn and run like hell. All evolutions abilities are essentially good, but society has perverted many of them to working against man, instead of with him. Now to my question – how does a culture work when a simple and natural act like talking to other people activates our survival-instincts? There has got to be something wrong with the culture if it is like this, right?


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