Food n’ time

I love smoothies, I really do. Especially pure fruit smoothies. There is however one big disadvantage with them. They take a really long time to eat. I need something between 20-40 minutes to finnish drinking one. If I were doing work were I could spend it in front of my computer a lot of the time that wouldn’t be an issue, since I could do it while I work. I will get to that stage next year when I am writing my thesis, but for now a lot of my work is reading. And I am really not comfortable lying down and reading my material while drinking this stuff – it would be a big distraction (or I would forget about it) or even worse would spill stuff. What I though about yesterday however, something I had forgotten about, is soup. Yes, while a smoothie takes a long time to finnish a soup will be at least, if not more, delicious, but only takes at the very most half the time to finnish. This is truly time management in food – or better, food management…

The recipe:

chop 3 bananas, 1 pear and about 6-8 dates. Blend another banana with about 1/2 cup of water. Mix together and enjoy paradise.


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