Food poisoning and alcohol

Ok, I haven’t had much time for the blog lately, so a lot of stuff I wanted to talk about will now be less continuous than I had planned. Well, whatever, will do some “blog spamming” here.

First off I was at a party a while ago where I was forced to eat cooked food and noticed two important things for me:

Cooked food poisoning, as I choose to call it. The food was delicious, nothing against that, but something was off. First off we didn’t get anywhere near enough to fill up, but I noticed something else, like a poisoning of my usual mood. I didn’t feel good eating the cooked food and would have replaced it for a banana smoothie immediately. Probably also had a lot to do with the food not being 811 food so my glycogen stores emptied immediately. It’s really amazing how quickly you feel these things when you are living every day according to the 811. It just proves once again how amazing this diet is.

The second thing I noticed, which probably is closely linked, not with the vegan food poisoning, but me living a life with much more cleaner diet and body is about alcohol. Of course I didn’t drink any alcohol (took some alcohol-free wine though, but just some sips as I didn’t like it), first time for me going non-alcohol on a party. It was still really fun though, I had a great time. But I noticed something, I have noticed this other times I have been in similar contexts after going raw too, that I get bored of the setting a lot earlier. I don’t know if it has to do with my new perspective being incompatible with their position), the alcohol being really apparent for non-drinkers or if what I really want is not a social setting per se, but some real social actions with people who shares my own dietary thoughts and spiritual level? Probably a combination of these.



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