Gastric system training

About a week ago I fell off the raw wagon once again. For once it wasn’t for some snacks like corn chips or gingerbread though, which actually feels a lot better. No, I felt some insane craving to make some baked potato wedges, with ketchup (which is hell), but that’s too conditioned to these kinds of dishes not to have it. Anyways, I borrowed some potatoes and ketchup from a friend in the corridor and made some. It was really delicious and I also got some new reflections since after getting raw.

First, when you eat cooked food your gastric system regresses. I started making the normal amount I used when I was still on a traditional diet (about 300 grams), actually took a little more since it was a “special occasion” and was worried it would be too much. I had to make another bunch, my gastric system is doing so much work on the diet I eat as a raw vegan that the amount given as cooked food is nothing to it – you destroy everything that can keep the gastric system on the top of it’s game. No wonder I always felt that I never could handle the veggies after a meal as a kid and teenager this diet, my gastric system was so out of whack that it couldn’t handle anything outside of how it was “supposed” to be on the traditional diet. Actually, this may be why I didn’t feel like I god any food during the party at the literature institution, my stomach is just used to far more bulk.

Secondly – the tiiiime. Oh my god do you get used to the speed of raw food fast or not? I was about to die waiting those 20-25 minutes for the potatoes to finish, and after I had to redo it again I was going insane. People ask after an argument to do raw food? How about not spending half your day in the kitchen every day? Yes, I love cooking (and do even as raw vegan), but it doesn’t mean that you want to do complex dishes every day. Some days you just want a simple and delicious dish on your desk – and on the raw vegan diet you will have that in a few minutes.



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