HFCS madness

I was shopping at my favorite (well, only, but it’s so fantastic I just have to say it) moroccan market a while ago and thought that I would pick up a different brand of dates, than the cheap ones I normally use and guess what – all the other brands were covered with High Fructose Corn Sirup. Covering dates, the most sugary fruit in existence, with that crap – wtf!!!

Through research on sis’s request I later found out that sirap, a swedish product used in a lot of candy production and a lot of other sweets eaten during a Swedish christmas in the Agstam househol, like my favorite “knäck” is not a product, it is invert sugar sirup, which is basically just the same as HFCS. All the stuff I have eaten, feels not so good now. Probably will eat it this christmas too (if not for other reason to keep peace in the household), but will try to show more restraint. But how liberally (and uselessly in the case of the dates) this shit is being used just pisses me off. Everybody – use date sirup or maple sirup instead of these shitty things. If you don’t want to make your own, buy it – it’s processed, but still thousands of times better than the so-called “traditional” crap. Why do we call that traditional by the way? Isn’t it far more traditional to keep the body strong so it will thrive and survive? If we didn’t how did our species survive evolution?



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