Idealism or Police State?

Just read an article in this mornings newspaper about “environmental apartment complexes” – basically a damn elitist thing that in order to live there you are supposed to need to work out, ride a bike instead of a car, eat healthy, sort your garbage and have a great social life with your neighbors. At a first glance this might sound like a very good idea, because these are things that definitely needs to be done, but let me tell you why this is the opposite of positive.

1. While we need to do most of this it shouldn’t be done by legislation – that is what we call a facist government or a police state. You get people to shop healthy by making sure that murdered animals and other toxins (e.g. refined sugars) are more expensive than fresh veggies and fruits (natural sugars).

2. Same with sports, you will not get a person to exercise in the true way by putting a gun to his head, but by educating him so he understands the true value of it on all levels and starts putting it into practice.

3. We need to cut back on CO2 emissions, that is indisputable. But we do not live in the kind of world where our life is centered around the farm or the manor anymore, thus we cannot do everything we need to by using the bike. The answer is not to wind the clock backwards to the 16th century, but by putting some real money intotruly radical and innovative ideas to remove our dependence on fossil fuels. If you want a look at what I am talking about take a look at the Venus Project (e.g. the movie “the future by design”) and the Zeitgeist Movement.

4. I am a very social person, I like hanging around nice people and would like to have more of it. That doesn’t mean I want it legislated. Nobody would enjoy that. And what says that every neighbor will be nice – nothing! Actually a lot of people in the world are pure asses, even more are, while not asses, not nice enough that you want to spend any more time with them than absolutely necessary. Given good opportunities people will hang around with each other. Our mental health is improved by being social, but you do not do this by legislating about it, you do it by structuring the environment so it will happen naturally.

5. The very idea of sorting your garbage has been wrong since the beginning. It is a very cute idea that we all will get all the products the exact same way they were created. CUte idea, but that’s it. It has been…how long since we started this? And how many percent of the population is doing it? At all I mean, not to 100% percent. And then we have all these stories, some true some rumors, e.g. a true one from my hometown where all the sorted garbage then gets tossed in the same burner – i.e. as if you had never sorted anything in the first place. And how much money has been spent on campaigns to get people to sort better, how much on extra organized garbage sorting rooms? Why should we change our behavior on every aspect to change the systems in place today. What happened to vision? Create a new system to take our unsorted garbage and make it sorted by the time it reaches the burner. this will save a lot of money and time. Actually if all the money that were spent into campaigns and other stuff were invested into creating this system we would probably have had it a long time ago. Because frankly a radical change in behavior like this is going to take a lot of time – at the very least 200-300 years if we are talking about 100% of the population of the world (with the material ability to do so). A 200-300 years that we do not have. And even if we had – how long are we going to be stuck in the slave mentality where we humans must be forced to do every possible manual labor. Let the technology do that word for us so our creative minds are freed up in order to start improving ourselves and society.

That’s enough of my rant for this time. Look forward to another tasty pice of bile sometime soon when the impulse strikes me 😛


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