My first RAW-food dish

As some of you know there have been some changes in my diet lately. About a month ago I did a trial to stop eating meat. That trial went very well and I have after then thrown out chicken, fish and dairy from my diet. Lately I have been reading some nutrition books, among other things on food combination – a very intriguing subject. One thing especially that has intrigued me is what is called the raw-food diet. The raw food diet means that one abstains from any processing or cooking of the food over around 40 degrees. I have been trying this diet for 3 days now and I like it so far very much, I feel like I have a lot more energy and feel more rested in the morning. The previous two days I have not been doing that much cooking, pretty much only dense smoothies, but today I opted to try my first vegetarian main course – a melon soup called melon madness I found in a recipe book I got from Chris Kendall (thank you Chris) – what an amazing taste, I simply couldn’t believe my taste buds. Take one honeydew and one cantaloup melon. Dice half of each to make the “meat” of the soup and blend the rest for the “broth”, resulting in a taste not of this world. I could have just keep eating, eating, eating and eating of this dish. IF there had been any more melon in my fridge I would have been forced to roll to the get-together of old and new students of the literature&rhetorics institution earlier this evening 😛

That get-togethert went amazing. This was also the first time I have gone out without drinking alcohol. It went very fine, questions of why I drank juice of course came, which I didn’t mind since I got to talk about the very interesting raw-food diet. I didn’t exactly convert anybody (not that I expected to), but they were respectful of my choice and the reasons for it. Even 3 people I had never met before today. So all in all I got respect for my new lifestyle and “practiced” my willpower (not really). A good evening – got an injection of being social which is important for the mental life and brainiac work of studying my masters.

More updates will come so for now enjoy this pic of the oh so delicious soup (will try not to drool over they keyboard while uploading it)



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