One month raw

Waking up this morning I just realized that this week celebrates me being raw 1 month!!! It’s not just raw either – I am sleeping more, better and getting up earlier, as well as having gone over to an 811 diet almost every day (sometimes I just have to take some avocadoes though and that jacks the fat up too high those days). I am also working out a lot better…or at the very least I have it more natural into my rythm to work out 3 days/week – going over to crossfit for the training was one of the best things I could have done – wished I had known (and been open) to this much earlier. I am also steadily getting closer to my ideal weight (something tried and failed with non-vegan diets earlier time and time again) lost 6-7 kilos since the beginning of my journey in august (most of it, about 80-90 %, in the month since I went raw) and have only 8-9 kilos left until I reach my ideal weight a weight I have not had a short time in my second year in high school (worked it off during summer, lost it in less than half a year). I feel so amazing by this – your weight has a lot to do with your self conscience and awareness – especially since at my university almost everyone seems to be, if not fit, not the least overweight (except for one of two emeritus). Going to be nice to get to look the way nature intended me too, especially since my sister keeps saying that I actually have a nice frame, except I am not in shape.

Anyways, going raw is amazing. I actually cannot ever really remember the feelings of cooked food that clearly anymore, and I especially don’t really want it – bought some enzymes to help my stomach when I was vegan, but when I went raw I didn’t need them anymore – amazing. What I want doesn’t really always matter though (unfortunately) since  I will be going home to my mom’s place sometime during the week and all she knows is that I am not eating red meat any longer so if I am to avoid being fished up by the police sometime during my stay there going raw and vegan in a single stroke with her would be too much 😛 Going to make it vegan this time (or at the very least no flesh) and then steadily work up. I can handle eating cooked vegetarian food for about half a week to a week (I hope) as long as there is no flesh in it. It will be a change though, and not one I look forward too, but my goal is for my mother sometime to, if not accept and like, at least somewhat tolerate my diet and I won’t reach that by going about it in a warlike manner. The strategy for the “Johan goes raw war” starts with the vegetarian battle




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