Raw stew

One of the kinds of dishes that used to be steadily on my menu before I started my journey was the stew, in particular different curries. The stew lends itself very well in the menu of a student because it will keep very good in the fridge for a couple of days with little deterioration in taste or texture. This allows for making big batches that can be eaten over the course of several days, thus minimizing the “damage” of spending a long time in preparing and cooking these dishes, which were always very tasty as well. Becoming raw thus seemed difficult for me, because I would have to give up this pleasure. Not so fast, buster – I saw in Chris Kendall’s cooking book “101 simple delicious raw recipes” that there are in fact a number of raw stews that can be made. Isn’t that wonderful. While nature might never have intended for the cooking we have done over the course of evolution, it did allow us to create very many tasty dishes, which we once we become aware of how and what we should eat can recreate in the proper fashion. The dish I attempted today was called “Bell peppers best” and was just amazing. Really need to get myself a bigger bowl now though. While the current one was fine for an animal diet it simply won’t keep the amounts I need to eat on a raw vegan diet anymore.


2-3 tomatoes

a bunch of celery

2 red bell peppers

some fresh basil

1. Dice 1 bell pepper, 1/4 of the celery and all tomatoes and put in bowl.

2. Blend the rest, basil in a second batch. Eventually using a small amount of water to get the blender going.

3. Pour sauce on top and mix around.

4. Transfer to bowl and serve.



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