Strawberry pie

The big problem with raw food for me is not so much the sugar addiction, the cooked addition, or the stimulants addiction, though I admit to being high on all of them before going raw. The problem for me is more one about texture – this has always been the thing which drew me to different kinds of crackers, chips and so on. Getting this kind of texture with raw food was something I thought was impossible…until now. I stumbled on a recipe for strawberry pie in a new raw book I bought last week. Never made a “normal” pie b4, but what the hell – let’s try it out. Tasted delish – the texture is created by freezing the crust to get resistance and then refrigerating it together with the sauce. Absolutely amazing – though I wish you could buy fresh strawberries in packs of less than a kilo – oh, I know, next time I’ll just use half and make “homemade” frozen strawberries. God I’m smart 🙂

Anyways since I didn’t read the recipe that carefully I forgot about a few things – most important that I added too much dates, so if you want to make the “proper” recipe double the amount of almonds and add a bit of lemon juice into the sauce.

500g strawberries (only half needs to be proper fresh ones, the rest can be formerly frozen strawberries, but half need to be fresh since they loose their firmness when you defrost them)

1 cups almonds (soaked)

2 cups dates

Some kind of round cake or pie form

1. Process almonds (liquid discarded) together with HALF the dates. Scrape out and spread out over the pie form – put in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

2. Blend 50% of strawberries with the rest of the dates (NO WATER).

3. Quarter the remaining strawberries and mix into sauce. Tip – better to sort out the ones for chopping first since they need to be firm – a requirement sauce strawberries doesn’t have – this lets you avoid trowing away strawberries that are too soft.

4. Refrigerate 1-2 hours.

5. Don’t overeat.

6. Fail at not overeating 😛


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