Tools of the trade

Being a recent raw vegan I find myself quite lacking in equipment of the things I want to make, e.g. noodles and other sliced of grated stuff. It isn’t that easy to grate more delicate stuff (e.g. lime) as well as more cumbersome (cabbage) on a traditional grater. So when I saw that electrolux sold the mandolin at more than 50% off I had to buy one. I have wanted to buy these for a very long time, from waay before I became a raw vegan. Now I will finally easily be able to make all the delicious things I need for both meals and snacks.

Got almost all the tools I need now – only things missing is the juicer and the dehydrator, as well as a really high-speed blender. These things can be gotten in their own time though: I can manage well with my current blender using some technique, sis will bring a dehydrator sometime in the future (or maybe not depending on how my diet develops) and when I feel I am ready for it I will get myself a juicer. Going to munch on some more pistacchios now before getting back to working on mr. Heidegger.

Wait a second – am I weird or did that just sound like I had duct taped and abducted him from the past and were just going to look for the rusty and really dull knife? 😛



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