…and I slipped on a banana peel falling to the floor clutching my blender container which broke in a thousand pieces and people all over Uppsala could hear a loud cursing voice.

No, actually it was far less dramatic than that. Since I dropped it once around a year, year and a half ago and some of the plastic got destroyed the container has been steadily loosing pieces of the plastic at the end, which is required to “fasten” it into pieces, and the final part now tore loose – an accident waiting to happen in other words. Doesn’t make it any less annoying though, since I’m hardly loaded at the moment. Yes, as you know I looove new toys, but this was one I was not planning on getting for a while yet.

I found a decent blender at Electrolux though, paid about 80 USD (about 30 USD discount) for an OBH-Nordica blender with a 1.3 L container, 500W motor and a more advanced blade going both upwards, downwards, diagonally and to the sides allowing it to cut of veggies and fruits easier.

Sucks that the container is smaller, even if just by a little bit, but I suppose I can buy something to transfer the smoothie in and do several batches if I can’t fit in the amount of bananas I normally use (though I think I can).



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