Getting serious about training

Yesterday I visited and read a very interesting article called “True Intensity” ( and I realized after that that the results I have gotten after picking up my training after Christmas have not been as optimal as they could be, simply because I have been wussing out on how far to take it. Ironically enough this was from reading an article by someone else on the site cautioning not to take it to muscle exhaustion. Looking back, I did get a lot faster gains when I started we weightless training last semester (and gave up over Christmas and then some) so I tried an experiment and took what Robert Cheeke considers a good workout pass and did it with the feeling of true intensity. And true, it was intense, not only for now, not for last semester, but probably more than ever. Intensity means how far you take the exercise, taking one exercise at a time, instead of rotating around a bunch, minimizing the time you allow your body to rest between sets and exercises (which also allows you to work up a sweat, something that has been lacking here) – as durianrider says “if you put the body through similar conditions you will get similar results” and I really felt that this will yield results. Can’t wait till I get Cheeke’s book “Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness”, but I can already feel the new me coming. Watch out world, the change is happening.


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