Good, but not good enough

Researchers in Ireland, Denmark and Finland, drawing their conclusions from two studies done on 140 girls (altogether) in Denmark and Finland, have found out that teenage girls needs to receive twice as much vitamin-d as they presently do. The researchers measured their vitamin levels and nutritional intake under the course of a year as well as giving them extra vitamin-d (in various concentrations).

My, oh my, there must be a lot of vegan teenage girls in Denmark and Finland, huh? Or maybe, just maybe the idea that vegans are the only ones deficient in some vitamins (B12 comes to mind) is totally wrong, instead mainstream is at least as much deficient as vegans, if not more in these vitamins, and definitely not as aware of the fact.

I think this study was great, finally mainstream will need to realize that vitamin-d deficiency is very common. It just isn’t possible, or at the very least difficult, for the average scandinavian to get enough sunlight to last the entire winter from our tiny summer (what is it – 3 weeks?). I’m also very glad that the RDI of vitamin-d will be raised. But outside of this, what will be done?

Not very much as it seems. They will fortify certain products, but since it will probably be products that cause more harm than good (milk comes to mind) it will only cause the public who already consume too much dairy to up the ante even more to make sure they don’t get deficient, because you know – “you can never drink too much milk”. The recommendations for sunlight exposure, besides being difficult to get enough for our long winter anyways, are still as flimsy as ever. You should be out in the sun (no mention of I don’t know – duration, maybe) 2-3 times/week. This is totally ridiculous and flimsy. Stop with blaming the sun. You getting burnt by the sun is not a 1-1 equation. The sun reacts with your nutrition to promote health. More is better as long as you can handle it. For light-skinned people – 15-20 minutes daily, and for dark-skinned people at least 2 or 3 times that. And then the most ridiculous of all – eat more fish to get vitamin-d. Even ignoring that humans can ingest animal flesh properly, it’s still laden with mercury, making the so-called “health” choice of eating fish highly questionable (don’t do it). But it doesn’t matter, because you can’t get enough vitamin-d from fish unless you eat very high amounts of it, and even then you would need to do so on a daily basis.

What they are doing however, is not as important as what they are not doing. Because as we all know, the MSM are always being the pushers to get us to consume more leftovers from e.g. the fish industry (fish oil) so of course they are promoting that people should take Vitamin-d3 (the kind easily synthesized within the body, right?). Buh, buh – no million dollar prize for you. The only thing that would actually help with the widespread vitamin-d deficiency is not done. And there you have MSM and Swedish policy in a nutshell “we will give you hazardous recommendations to give you the illusion of attaining health, but getting real health – come on, we have a business to run here, if people were healthy who are we going to push all our drugs to?”.


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