This is ridiculous


Fryshuset – a great “institution” in Sweden, run be an ex-gang member are doing some great work helping gang members leave the criminal world and strengthening young peoples confidence so they don’t trip into the gang-world, but because Swedish people/politicians have alcohol paranoia/repression the municipal district committee has forbidden this great place to serve alcohol because it does not “promote a positive image of the adult world”. Hey, I think ex-gang members (and teenagers with low self-esteem and in danger of heading into gangs) are pretty aware of what alcohol is, ok? I don’t drink nor do I support doing so, but I recognize it for what it is – a personal decision exercising our free will, which need have nothing to do with promoting any image of the adult world. I would think being overweight/obese, eating junk food, being a couch potato and many other things “adults” do would promote a far less beautiful picture, but I don’t see them outlawing those people in there. Why do we have to be the stupid country that can’t pronounce the P in Personal decision…


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