The definition of corruption


Last year Margot Wallström got a UN-job as a representative (Swedish) to monitor women’s situation during war and other conflicts. She got it the job january 31st, one month earlier SIDA (the institution who monitors and gives money for welfare work in developing countries) had given 43 million SEK (6.7 million USD) to a UN-fond working with the same stuff ) – sexual violence in armed conflicts. Coincidentally enough this was done the autumn of 2009 when they found at a position to work against sexual violence would be appointed. This was a good idea, because as it happens the UN didn’t have any money for her employments so 1 million SEK from this fond – supposed to aid actual victims, was used to ay for her salariey and the salaries of her staff. She gets between 10 800-12 000 USD, tax-free (they pay a due to the UN instead). As a Swedish person I am totally ashamed of my country.

It also seems as she didn’t even get the job through the original general assembly where the different member countries has the power, but rather through Ban Ki-moon and the security council.

But no, this is not corruption, no of course not. How do I now this, because Margot Wallström says “For a person who comes outside this can seem peculiar, but this is how this are always done”. SIda and the department of foreign affairs and Sida claims (feigns ignorance) they do not have any knowledge of any affair, but only started lobbying when they found out that Wallström could get the position.

The definition of corruption is not realizing when you are engaged in corrupt behavior or in an organization which has systematized it. For people to cry wolf now and demand that Ban Ki-moon gets replaced is too late. The corruption is too systematized so you either have to replace the entire bunch or just let the UN (run by a coalition of anti-libertarian countries or those who don’t believe in globalized cooperation) disappear and replacing it with cooperation with US, EU and hopefully sometime in the future emerging coalitions from a democratized africa (I am NOT talking about the dictator-run African Union)


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