Comparing Animal rights activists to terrorists is insane!!!

I read a very disturbing article in the paper today. It is part of a series of articles looking into extreme movements, like neo-nazi’s and muslim fundamentals. So far so good, but todays “target” was animal rights movements. This is really messed up, because there is no comparison between these movements. Some people call them terrorists because they cause some damage, but this is wrong on so many levels. You cannot, I repeat, cannot name someone who promotes that we should have a culture of non-violence a terrorist. You might think that corporate destruction is bad, and well yes it is, ideally it wouldn’t be necessary, but it’s not enough to label them as terrorists. Corporate destruction has been part of any revolution. Just look at the boston tea party – corporate destruction. Look at protesters who break into weapon manufacturing plants to protest us exporting arms to nations engaged in civil war – corporate destruction (these people strangely enough are not labeled terrorists). Either words have meaning or they don’t. Terrorism first of all strikes arbitrarily – which animal rights activism doesn’t. It strikes against uninvolved people and civilians – again animal rights activism doesn’t. Calling animal rights activists terrorism (or indirectly making people make this connection) is horrible. Even the people who hurt or threaten people as part of their militant activism (these people are sooo not the majority) are in no way comparable to real terrorists like neo-nazis and muslim fundamentals. These activists have served a great purpose – they have over the course of the years shown us what is systematically done to animals and forced us to THINK about it. They have made countless people (like me) face this and made decision to become a vegan not only for health reasons, but for ethical as well. Do not discount what these people have done and are doing by smearing their name.


Disgusting thing at the gym

Just came back from my gym at the first session for about six months. I have been working out since then, pretty regularly i’ve been doing calisthenics at home, which has worked out good, because I’ve been able to (somewhat) keep up my discipline, but now that that is fixed, it’s time to step up the game. Anyways, I was there and saw the most disgusting thing ever. No, it was not snuff in the sink at the toilet 😛 What it was was people wearing these leather gloves while working out. I was like – what?!? Are they seriously telling me that they need to protect their pretty hands so that, god forbid, no one would be able to tell that they had been doing any actual work? I know people are stupid and unwilling to drop meat or even leather for ethical causes, but come on, at least drop some of it for your own dignity!

New Bowl

Bought this new bowl for my food today at IKEA – needed something of size that looked fun to eat out of, not a plastic baking bowl. Really like it, made of birch tree. Trying it out now with some mango 🙂


Jag kommer aldrig att bli mainstream

Socialdemokraterna har valt en ny partiordförande och vad gör DN? Hälsar på i hans gamla hemstad och talar med hans gamla lärare. Ok, jag inser att jag ALDRIG kommer att kunna bli mainstream för uppenbarligen så funkar det här på folk. Jag skiter i vad hans högstadielärare tyckte om honom – jag bryr mig om här och nu. Överhuvud taget själva idén att återvända till min högstadieskola är så främmande för mig att det inte finns. Jag var där en enda gång efter avslutningen och det var för att vi var tvungna i biologi eller något att hålla en lektion för någon grundskoleklass.

Väntar på uppföljaren – att de drar fram hans fru och förklarar att det var hans kärlek ifrån högstadiet och att de hållit ihop under alla år sedan dess.

Seizing the moment

While I was at the sports store I saw a guy who was there to get some new shoes and for once I actually thought to myself – ah, what the hell. I’ll just ask them. I have to start somewhere to look around for some good vegan shoes, might as well be here. And they did have a pair of really cool, comfortable, not to thick, all-around shoes (as an extra bonus made entirely from re-used materials). And they even ended up being at almost a 50% sale. Well, something was telling me I had to get these shoes. So I did.

It’s still not shoes I can were to a formal dinner or something (will have to find something for that), but I can at least stop wearing animal skins on my feet. Only the belt to go, which should happen soon.

Stepping up my game

I did my first day of Robert Cheeke training menu today. This means going back to training different body groups every day rather than everything every day. This is more effective, but I don’t regret doing it this way until now, since it allowed me to get consistency into my training. How I wish I could have had some of that insight in high school. I thought I was doing theory then, but really it was dogma. I didn’t do my training consistently enough and thought that just because the theory was good I would see results (I didn’t). I remember one incident at gym class. We were supposed to have one lesson each which we were to lead the activities in. Mine was strength. I followed the theory and did a few reps and sets of one muscle group exercise at low weight and then did nothing, even when a classmate talked to me about this. The answer is my core strength sucked, my discipline in training consistently sucked and so did my non-existent drive to go to true intensity so I could never gain any strength.

The theory is really good though, because it forces you to work out 5 days a week, rather than 3 and this is very powerful. At 3 days/week the body gets the signal that there is some pressure a few days every week, but all in all the body prefers to be sedentary. At 5 days a week you send the body the signals that you means serious busines

Anyways, I tried his menu and I couldn’t hold up the reps at all. The warm up was supposed to be 20 minutes stairs running – I managed two and a half – hahaha. The rest of it I managed closer to what I was supposed to anyways, but not as much as I should have. This is a good thing. Well, not that I have a week physique, but rather that I have some OBJECTIVE way to measure when I have gained a decent amount of strength. This will also be my cue to start thinking of returning to a gym again (which I will have to when I want to step up my game even further, but I want to gain some strength first)

So I will continue with this routine so since when he requires a run or something else he often uses distance, not time (a very good idea, you need objective measurements) and since my idea of that is totally off I needed to go buy something. It ended up being one of those “step counters”. Hate the concept – the thought of basing your exercise around how many steps you take is like basing your calorie count by counting your grapes or dates, instead of weighing them. It works out now though, because I could get a distance counter with it. So I headed to my sports store. Crappy weather outside, since the snow is melting so water had formed into big pools so I had to raise my legs every time I rode my bike over them. After I while I went into kid-mode tho’ and youst went “weee”, hahaha. Anyways I found a very good distance counter there (hopefully).


Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness


A-HA. Finally got ahold of this baby (Vegan Bodybuilding & FItness by Robert Cheeke), going to enjoy reading and getting some theory behind my workout so I can step up my game a bit. A brief leafing through it lets me know there are parts more or less useless (meal programs for example, which has either no or little raw or very high-fat), but also very useful parts like the example training menus for a week (both with weights/machines and those you can do at home) which is very useful to me, because while I work out at home now (which was a good starter, since I never could get consistent at the gym) I do want to go back to the gym, but I want to gain enough strength so I don’t go back to only being able to lift the bar for my “strength-exercise” and not being able to do enough reps. With these sample-menus I will get a good reference point for when I have achieved enough strength to be able to go back to the gym. However, I do not agree with him that dips do not require any equipment, you do need some bench or desk that is really high, or you need to be a LOT shorter than I am 😛

I am going to get working high-pace today so I can get reading this baby as soon as possible. I am sure it will be far more parts useful to me than not (and even the other parts are interesting to know if/when talking to people about building strength on a non-raw vegan diet).