Vegan Jacket


I just bought this sooo coool jacket at Stadium at their winter sale. Somehow I came close to the end of the sale and still managed to find one in my size (lucky). This is especially great for me, because I only went Vegan 6-7 months ago thus I haven’t had the time to replace all my carnist stuff. I am after all all student and can’t afford to do all of that in one swell swoop, but I got to buy this vegan-friendly jacket for my birthday present – thank you mom :). You feel it is all cloth inside with no animal feathers or other stuff, but it still is warmer than my old leather coat (and waaay lighter). It’s going to be a pleasure to wear this one on my bike rides through town.

One step closer to being vegan in all the senses of the words. Only a wallet, a belt and a good pair of light/medium shoes that can be worn biking during the winter. I actually found where I can get a wallet a short while ago and they have a store in Uppsala so I will try to buy that one this week.


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