Swine flu stupidity


About 30 swedes died in the swine flu, practically all not vaccinated. For all intents and purposes then it is as if no vaccination would have done in those cases, but more people die from the normal season flu, with far less deaths. And we still had 40% unvaccinated people in Sweden. A massive and very expensive operation, at 205 million USD (+ scare-tactics) got people to vaccinate and the results weren’t better compared to unvaccinated people and they have the gall to call the decision for mass vaccinations correct. They take a bash against the anti-vaccination lobby and other “conspiracy theories”, but I’m still waiting for the reasons that explains to me why vaccination is a good choice – it’s like walking with crutches year round not to break a leg – maybe, maybe work is the short-term, but it destroys the immune system, since it doesn’t get any training. It doesn’t train on the vaccine shorts since they don’t come through the natural way.

Let’s see the government put some funds into getting people more healthy so they won’t get sick and won’t need to fear these seasonal flu’s – lower fruit and veggie prices for one and raise them for candy and snacks. But of course if people were truly healthy they would not need the vaccine and would see through these lies, which would be bad for business.

It bears repeating. The killer is not and has never been SARS, the Swine flu or west nile disease. It’s the buffalo wings, it’s whatever is in special sauce, it’s pesticides, it’s lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s high-fructose corn sirup, other refined sugars, trans fats and all those ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Even if they don’t kill you directly they make you weak enough so that crap like the swine flu can kill you off and then the government can do these projects to give money to their corporate friends and then say that it was a good decision even though it didn’t to anything.


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