Stepping up my game

I did my first day of Robert Cheeke training menu today. This means going back to training different body groups every day rather than everything every day. This is more effective, but I don’t regret doing it this way until now, since it allowed me to get consistency into my training. How I wish I could have had some of that insight in high school. I thought I was doing theory then, but really it was dogma. I didn’t do my training consistently enough and thought that just because the theory was good I would see results (I didn’t). I remember one incident at gym class. We were supposed to have one lesson each which we were to lead the activities in. Mine was strength. I followed the theory and did a few reps and sets of one muscle group exercise at low weight and then did nothing, even when a classmate talked to me about this. The answer is my core strength sucked, my discipline in training consistently sucked and so did my non-existent drive to go to true intensity so I could never gain any strength.

The theory is really good though, because it forces you to work out 5 days a week, rather than 3 and this is very powerful. At 3 days/week the body gets the signal that there is some pressure a few days every week, but all in all the body prefers to be sedentary. At 5 days a week you send the body the signals that you means serious busines

Anyways, I tried his menu and I couldn’t hold up the reps at all. The warm up was supposed to be 20 minutes stairs running – I managed two and a half – hahaha. The rest of it I managed closer to what I was supposed to anyways, but not as much as I should have. This is a good thing. Well, not that I have a week physique, but rather that I have some OBJECTIVE way to measure when I have gained a decent amount of strength. This will also be my cue to start thinking of returning to a gym again (which I will have to when I want to step up my game even further, but I want to gain some strength first)

So I will continue with this routine so since when he requires a run or something else he often uses distance, not time (a very good idea, you need objective measurements) and since my idea of that is totally off I needed to go buy something. It ended up being one of those “step counters”. Hate the concept – the thought of basing your exercise around how many steps you take is like basing your calorie count by counting your grapes or dates, instead of weighing them. It works out now though, because I could get a distance counter with it. So I headed to my sports store. Crappy weather outside, since the snow is melting so water had formed into big pools so I had to raise my legs every time I rode my bike over them. After I while I went into kid-mode tho’ and youst went “weee”, hahaha. Anyways I found a very good distance counter there (hopefully).



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