Disgusting thing at the gym

Just came back from my gym at the first session for about six months. I have been working out since then, pretty regularly i’ve been doing calisthenics at home, which has worked out good, because I’ve been able to (somewhat) keep up my discipline, but now that that is fixed, it’s time to step up the game. Anyways, I was there and saw the most disgusting thing ever. No, it was not snuff in the sink at the toilet 😛 What it was was people wearing these leather gloves while working out. I was like – what?!? Are they seriously telling me that they need to protect their pretty hands so that, god forbid, no one would be able to tell that they had been doing any actual work? I know people are stupid and unwilling to drop meat or even leather for ethical causes, but come on, at least drop some of it for your own dignity!


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