Comparing Animal rights activists to terrorists is insane!!!

I read a very disturbing article in the paper today. It is part of a series of articles looking into extreme movements, like neo-nazi’s and muslim fundamentals. So far so good, but todays “target” was animal rights movements. This is really messed up, because there is no comparison between these movements. Some people call them terrorists because they cause some damage, but this is wrong on so many levels. You cannot, I repeat, cannot name someone who promotes that we should have a culture of non-violence a terrorist. You might think that corporate destruction is bad, and well yes it is, ideally it wouldn’t be necessary, but it’s not enough to label them as terrorists. Corporate destruction has been part of any revolution. Just look at the boston tea party – corporate destruction. Look at protesters who break into weapon manufacturing plants to protest us exporting arms to nations engaged in civil war – corporate destruction (these people strangely enough are not labeled terrorists). Either words have meaning or they don’t. Terrorism first of all strikes arbitrarily – which animal rights activism doesn’t. It strikes against uninvolved people and civilians – again animal rights activism doesn’t. Calling animal rights activists terrorism (or indirectly making people make this connection) is horrible. Even the people who hurt or threaten people as part of their militant activism (these people are sooo not the majority) are in no way comparable to real terrorists like neo-nazis and muslim fundamentals. These activists have served a great purpose – they have over the course of the years shown us what is systematically done to animals and forced us to THINK about it. They have made countless people (like me) face this and made decision to become a vegan not only for health reasons, but for ethical as well. Do not discount what these people have done and are doing by smearing their name.


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