Apple pie

So I found a recipe for a Raw apple pie the other day (yesterday) and I thought to myself “This has to be checked out” so I did a few minutes ago and BOY was this delicious. Be sure to get the apples organic as they are on the pesticide shitlist. Depending on country local can be treated the same (as I do with Swedish), but that depends on your domestic pesticide use. Here is the recipe so make as much as you care for, this amount round up nicely for one meal at around 1300-1400 calories ❤

1 kg organic apples

300 grams deglet noor dates

1. Dice 1/2 of the apples and put into bowl.

2. Chuck the rest of the apples and dates into food processor.

3. make sure you got all the apples covered in the “sauce” and enjoy the deliciousness ❤


3 responses to “Apple pie

  1. If thats a pie then i’m jesus:) You raw fellas need a new food terminology for your minced up fruit and veggie variations:)

    Sweet Apple mush?:)

    • Why would you think that the cooked food paradigm would own the name to a dish? Just as a sushi can be made both with flesh and with e.g an avocado a pie can be enjoyed both cooked and in its natural state 🙂

  2. Just a comment for Jesus there ~ raw and vegan are already thinking outside the box. Therefore, on a raw vegan blog, one would expect the apple pie to be raw. Were you hoping, when visiting, that he would have “seen the light” and converted to cooking the nutrients out of his food to become a more “normal” man? Whats your point? I suspect the hard-lines of your vocabulary dont allow for any flexibility of any kind. There are many words that would have to be used for the raw versions of some better known cooked and devitalised foods. Get over it.

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