Pad thai

I finally made an investment into a spiralizer, which I got a few days ago, so I can make great vegetable noodles of all kinds of veggies and, unlike the one that is like a vegetable peeler, it’s quick and hassle free. Ok, the first 10 minutes I was angry with it, until I got how you should use it, but the OH – DO I LOVE IT!!! – I do 😛

Well, since I have it I should get to using it. So after some nice morning work in the sun and fresh air for about an hour (hello vitamin-d) I decided to make myself some delicious pad thai that I found and adapted in one of Chris Kendall’s video blogs – goood, was this delicious. I love the dish and the spiralizer – carrot noodles are great and cuke and zucchini noodles “taste” better when they got this shape and thickness.

God, I love noodles, always have and always will, and now that I have the tools to make it, it will be on the menu a lot more often to get me my greens 🙂


Make noodles of about half a kilo zucchini and cucumber (each) and 1 big carrot. Top with 2 mushrooms and 2 medium tomatoes and a BIG handful of sprouts. Then make a sauce from one date, a handful of peanuts, 2 sun-dried tomatoes and a few cloves of garlic and 1/2 a chili + some water to get the right consistency. Pout over and mix around in a big bowl and enjoy 🙂


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