30-day standing challenge

Sitting down too much has been a problem for me and my spine for many years, but there is just so much, work and entertainment (and procrastination) that is done through the computer so I don’t have a choice, the best I could do was get myself an ergonomical chair…or so I thought. There is always a second choice. Turns out that there is such a thing as a standing desk, which is pretty much what it seems like a desk that is at a proper height for your body to stand while working. they are not too expensive either, I saw one at 149 USD in IKEA. I’m not going to rush into it though, but rather I’ve turned a chest of drawers into an impromptu standing-desk which I will use for a 30-day challenge and see how it goes. If my predictions are correct this will probably help with procrastination as well as you are far more likely to be engaged in useful things when up and about than when you are sedentary. This “desk” is not ideal however as the height is a bit too low for my hands so if the situation works for me I will prbably buy a real one after this month, but that’s a discussion for another day folks.



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