Cucumber stew

I was in a bind tonight. I usually use blended tomatoes as the base for me stew/soup/dressing (unless we talking sweet), but none here at the moment, yet I wanted a stew/soup. What to do, what to do? Hmm, hmmm, hmmm – AH! I finally remembered that Andrew Perlot had a cucumber recipe in his “savory raw dressings and sauces” so I combined that with a standard soup/stew base I follow (with some modifications depending on situation) and it was WONDERFUL – even better than tomato maybe. Nah, pretty much 50/50 I say, but variation is wonderful.

So how did I do it, well I threw together one peeled cucumber and 2 tangerines and blended them. Used a celery stick as a tamper and as I pushed the ingredients down the blade ripped off about an inch so that’s in there too (not too fond of celery, but they make excellent tampers and in small amounts blended). Then I poured that over 1/2 diced cucumber ,1 diced small zucchini, maybe 200-250 grams and 2 red bell peppers. Stirred around, took a bite and started hallucinating ❤