Training must be FUN

When we hear the word training what do we think about? For some it might be martial arts, tennis, biking or some other sport, but for me it has really always been associated with the gym, lifting weights or hitting some machines. During some periods I have been able to temporarily raise some motivation about my training and sometimes even getting some meager results, but for most of my life so far I’ve been postponing the training until “tomorrow”, though at times getting some more days it it has never been consistent. I’ve always blamed myself for that, thought I lacked willpower to get as fit as I really can be. This is as much true as the fact that you can shred overweight by training without having a healthy diet accompanying it. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t really enjoyed it. I always thought that gym was something I had to motivate or push myself to go to, but I realize that when training is fun it isn’t this way. I’ve started swimming now, partly it was my own wish and partly it was a suggestion to improve my mobility issues and I’m having so much FUN every day. Yes true I’m frustrated over how much I lost since my kiddie and teenage years, that was really a reality check slap in the face for me, which I couldn’t explain away unlike the gym so I don’t do as well as I should, but I’m enjoying rebuilding my fitness in this way. I’m going on almost a daily basis and am enjoying researching through videos and other stuff on how to improve my technique to become more efficient, e.g. I learned that a true breaststroke is really mostly underwater and that the core needs to be the main active part in propulsion as if it’s passive the arms need to do too much work and you tire much faster (and you get slower). This kind of research into the mechanics of the sport I have never done on this level before and I’m just having so much fun doing it. So everyone, no matter what state of fitness you are at, if you wish to improve make sure you pick a training form that you truly ENJOY, because that is truly the only thing necessary to improve and get fitter, because everything starts and follows automatically from there.


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