What is the best source?

I was out doing some shopping after my swimming for my dinner, was thinking a zucchini pasta wouldn’t be bad (I had already recarbed) so I bought my ingredient. Was feeling pretty good and just walking out to my bike with my stuff. Just as I pass by the florist I see a sign “local, organic apples, 45 cents/each” and I’m like WOAW head’s going circles and I’m lucky I didn’t get a wiplash, lol. I just drop my stuff go there and pick it up. Alright feeling great to the touch, smells like homegrown. I just take a bag and stuff as many as I can into it, was something like 25 and just bought them. Tasted one afterwards and they tasted like NO apple I’ve ever tasted before, they actually tasted lightly sweet, it’s a kind of apple I’ve never tasted before. And it got to ripen before it was picked, how great is that!!! I talked with the florist and found out they do this every year. A shame I didn’t know before the season was always over or I would have bought a lot more, but believe me I will be buying them as long as they have it and be watchful next year. It’s laughable really, the florist got cheaper, local (the organic ones are from chile, the conventional ones at best domestic) and most likely far more organic (I can just feel it on the skin) than the grocery store. So while the grocery stores always have the full range of fruit that we need, we need to remember that it may not be the best source for each and every one of them.

Ok, I gotta dig in before I drool all over my keyboard ❤


One response to “What is the best source?

  1. indeed john, the mantra of ‘whole fresh ripe raw local wild organic’ stands us in good stead

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