A few moments in the mind of a philosopher

1.  I am human, this means that I will make mistakes

2. I am often impulsive, because of my passion about certain subjects. This can cause me to jump to some conclusions ahead of time.

3. I may sometimes overstate my case and come on a bit too strong. This is not always conclusive to good persuasion or my intents.

4. I feel shame whenever I am made aware of these things.

5. But negative emotions are not there for us to remain at the bottom, but a stimulus for improvement.

6. I can see my mistakes and the people who will bring me awareness are those who care and in those that I will get the chance to grow.

7. Perfection is impossible. With every mistake I do, I fall back and learn and I come back stronger. The next time I will do a little better.

8. One day I believe that I truly will be able to keep my actions to the demeanor and strategies that my beliefs commit me to.

9. I do not however allow this to make myself feel smaller. I am proud of the person I have become from my past difficulties and look with expectation of the person I will be able to become in the future.

10. I love myself.