Chai datorade and “how do you get enough protein for recovery?”

If you look around yourself in the locker room of a gym you will undoubtedly see quite a few people chugging down protein drinks in hopes of gaining strength. Problem is that this is not really doing much good, because muscle isn’t build totally from protein. Not even a third of muscle is made up of protein. More than seventy percent of healthy muscle is water. In fact, there’s barely eighty grams of protein in a pound of muscle – certainly no more than a hundred grams. if the extra intake of one-hundred and forty grams of protein advised by modern writers was really added to water and turned into muscle, a guy consuming this much protein would gain more than six-hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle in a year. To put it another way, he would have five or six times as much muscle on his body than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime as Mr Olympia – after only twelve months of training. Even if you somehow lost more than three quarters of this protein as energy or through faulty digestion or via inefficient tissue-bulding, our average two-hundred pound bodybuilder would still become easily the most muscular man on the planet within a year, if all this extra protein was transformed into body muscle. In fact, as research like the China Study has found, the optimal range for protein intake is around 5-10% of calories from plant sources, which is easily found is almost all whole foods. There are a few, like dates, which are lower, but eating a variety of whole foods and you will get enough.

In fact when we work out we primarily use our muscles and the fuel for this is glycogen, a simple carbohydrate that fuels all our cells, including muscle cells. In order to recover properly from the workout, one must supply the carbohydrate lost during the workout. The most easily assimilable source is the simple carbohydrates found in fruit. Now I know, you do not want to become a raw vegan, I understand, I’m not 100% either, but I do eat fruit after workout. But if this is impossible, make sure to resupply with a meal of complex carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, oats, even some rice noodles, legumes (they are a bit higher in protein, but predominantly carbohydrate). I will give you some interesting recipes for this as we go along, but for now hold steady with a chai dateorade.

250 grams dates (about 20 iranian)

spices – cinnamon, powdered ginger, cardamom

1 liter (more if you like) of water (I substituted about half of the water with homemade oat milk to increase the calorie content

– Blend, blend, blend. Pour into a jug and then enjoy while doing something productive or just relaxing. Writing a blog post like this for example.


2 responses to “Chai datorade and “how do you get enough protein for recovery?”

  1. Love this post! Have grown so weary of the protein shake litany. Thank you for writing the truth about how much protein our bodies really need. How can we get this to ALL athletes?

    • Thanks. Well, we keep doing what we already are doing. Work as natural athletes (competitive or not) and educate people, eventually the truth will get out there. We already have some great natural athletes who understand the question like Brendan Brazier and Lance Armstrong (who is now on Engine-2). The movement will just get more and more momentum.

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