Good morning everyone!

Hope you have had a good nights sleep. I managed to get to bed decently early so I feel pretty well-rested today and motivated to get going with my fitness regimen after I finnish drinking my liter of water. I’ve been going to the gym haphazardly for years without success yet this bodyweight program I’m on now is getting me far greater results. This is due to a few reasons one has to remember about getting training to work (that I have learned through not doing it).

        The first one is that you have to enjoy the kind of training you do. If you do not enjoy it, you will not do it. Or at least do it often enough and consistency really is the most important aspects of building fitness in my view. I used to work-out less than 1 day/week on average (though more in periods), of course I could not build fitness on that. I heard Doug Graham say that fitness development follows the formula F.I.T. – frequency, intensity, time and I agree with it so it is not the only variable, you start cycling every day you are not doing strength, then once you have adapted you increase time, then you increase intensity.

        The second thing I have learnt is not to make any big promises. Or rather commit to these things when you are in action committing to them. I have for all my years of failed gym going had an expectation that I would go 5-7 days/week and train. That expectation was too big. It was too far removed from what I was actually doing that I actually ended up not going at all. Do not commit to doing this when you are sitting in front of the computer, do not make big declarations. Just make the steps. When I do my bodyweight training I do not commit to doing bodyweight training every day, I commit to doing this is the new. Similarly, when I go for a bike-ride I commit to cycling in that moment. When I finnish training I commit not to make a perfect diet for the rest of my life all my time. We are not perfect, this is not possible, but I commit to making a smoothie for my athletic recovery. Now if you excuse me I am going to commit to doing some calisthenics…


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