Emotional eating

Some people talk a lot about emotional eating, but does it really exist and if so, what is it? My answer to this is yes and no and they are answers to different definitions to the term.

The first is when people set a diet where they do not get enough calories or nutrients. In this case you will get strong cravings. This is not emotional eating, you are just hungry so your body screams out for food. You need to eat according to your caloric demands, but eat the right foods – low-fat, high-carb vegan (preferably raw) and you will not gain weight you are not supposed to gain.

The other answer is that digestion and emotions is two things the body cannot handle simultaneously so when something happens that really sets off the emotion meter, something sad for example, one reaction from us is that we want to get away from it. Food is one way to do it. This is really easy to do as meat-eaters, because all that food is hard to digest. As a vegan, high-carb vegan or high-carb raw vegan this becomes more difficult as we go along the stages, but we can still do it. This can happen even when we eat enough calories, though if we are on the top of our game as food is regarded we are less vulnerable towards emotions. I would consider this emotional eating. It is a good thing to develop emotionally to a level where we do not need to do this, but I do not consider it a problem as long as we eat the right foods, i.e. high-carb vegan or raw vegan.

The last is force of habit. When I watch a movie I want to eat popcorn. I don’t do it any longer, it’s been a REALLY long time since I had it last, but the habit is still there. This I would also consider emotional eating, which can be fixed by replacing with healthier habits. I try to just start watching, usually I don’t care, or I try to have some juice instead. Or sometimes I can make a raw vegan treat.


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