Out of operation?

Kind of annoying and boring thing happened couple of days ago – my blender broke. I was making banana ice-cream and as I was shuffling the frozen bananas down the plastic pieces on the bottom of the blade that transfers power into movement broke. I had warranty and turned it in, but it’s going to take a while to fix. Does that mean I’m not eating any raw anymore? N O. First off I learnt a valuable lesson from this. Something we should always do, turn the bad into good. This means that these things are pretty vulnerable so now that I can freeze banana pieces properly, I should probably make the ice-cream in my food processor again.

That is a great lesson and I*m glad I learnt it, even though it’s a bit annoying as I can’t really make sauces and smoothies anymore. But I’m still high-raw. I’m just sticking to nice puddings instead. Look at this beauty – isn’t she fantastic 🙂

Just chuck 250 grams of dates, 500-800 grams bananas and some cinnamon, cardamom and giner in the food processor and churn it and you can have your own 🙂



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