Hope in sadness

I just watched the documentary Peaceable Kingdom and it just touched my heart. It chronicles Farm Sanctuary, who rescues animals from slaughterhouses, egg factories, dairies and other places and lets them live a proper life and it just touched my hart to see these heroes doing what they can, to see these animals being allowed to share their rich personalities and emotions with others and to hear the stories of everyone who was touched by these animals and recognized what loving animals truly meals. It brings a lump in my throat when I consider how so many animals suffer daily and how so many people still hurt them, either directly or through their food and lifestyle choices. At the same time it gives me hope that we are capable of turning this around. The movement is stronger every year, more and more people are getting an understanding. It will be difficult, but it can be done.

We WILL make this paradigm shift happen.


What is it you are not understanding about this?


The fish are dying. According to researchers from the Canadian University of British Columbia 2 thirds of all predatory fish has now disappeared from the world’s seas – in the last century! When are consumers going to understand that the time (illusion) when the threat of the collapse of the marine ecosystem could be combating by changing what fish to eat depending on which species of fish was about to die at that moment is over. We can no longer blame politicians for being spineless in allowing these predatory corporate fishers with no regard to the lives of other species or the future of our planet to do as they wish. Actually, we never could. Politicians have always been, are and will be whores – they will go with the person (interest group) that gives them a wad of cash. Oh, do notice that I have nothing against actual whore, I want to be straight about that.

As a consumer you have two option. Stop bitching about the lack of spine of politicians about this and stop saying that you care about the future of the seas, since you carefully pick what fish to eat, OR stop eating fish (and fish oil). Simple as that. Since fish are totally laden with mercury nowadays you don’t even have a health reason to do it either. You can get far more Omega-3’s from ground up flax seeds.