New Bowl

Bought this new bowl for my food today at IKEA – needed something of size that looked fun to eat out of, not a plastic baking bowl. Really like it, made of birch tree. Trying it out now with some mango 🙂




…and I slipped on a banana peel falling to the floor clutching my blender container which broke in a thousand pieces and people all over Uppsala could hear a loud cursing voice.

No, actually it was far less dramatic than that. Since I dropped it once around a year, year and a half ago and some of the plastic got destroyed the container has been steadily loosing pieces of the plastic at the end, which is required to “fasten” it into pieces, and the final part now tore loose – an accident waiting to happen in other words. Doesn’t make it any less annoying though, since I’m hardly loaded at the moment. Yes, as you know I looove new toys, but this was one I was not planning on getting for a while yet.

I found a decent blender at Electrolux though, paid about 80 USD (about 30 USD discount) for an OBH-Nordica blender with a 1.3 L container, 500W motor and a more advanced blade going both upwards, downwards, diagonally and to the sides allowing it to cut of veggies and fruits easier.

Sucks that the container is smaller, even if just by a little bit, but I suppose I can buy something to transfer the smoothie in and do several batches if I can’t fit in the amount of bananas I normally use (though I think I can).


luuuuuuuuuves new toys!!!

Finally got my ass in gear and went and picked up my juicer at the shop today. I have been planning on doing it for a long time, but everytime I’ve gone shopping there have so much stuff so I couldn’t pick this one up, since I knew it would be a big package.

So how was it? Well, I’n not going to say something retarded like “the best thing since sliced bread”, because that is so stupid. If I were were to compare it with something it would have to be something of importance – like thinking. No, seriously it was alright. It takes a long time since you have to slice the fruits and veggies into smaller pieces and screw around with to get juice out of it and you really don’t get much per item. Sometime in the future I want to buy one of those juicer where you can just put in the entire fruit and then just push a button. I am pleasantly surprised however that there is a separator for the pulp – very nice since I can make juice for the anime/movie/documentary/TV/etc in the evening and juice the pulp in the smoothie the following morning. The price/glass goes up quite a bit (except for carrot juice, which is overpriced in stores) since you get less juice, but now I can make whatever juice I want and knowing it is raw. Made some carrot juice and it was really sweet – nice, new TV-snack!!!

The biggest surprise however was the apple juice. Normally in stores all juice looks and tastes about the same, but look at this color – totally different, and you can totally tell what kind of apple it used to be (don’t know the name though).

Tools of the trade

Being a recent raw vegan I find myself quite lacking in equipment of the things I want to make, e.g. noodles and other sliced of grated stuff. It isn’t that easy to grate more delicate stuff (e.g. lime) as well as more cumbersome (cabbage) on a traditional grater. So when I saw that electrolux sold the mandolin at more than 50% off I had to buy one. I have wanted to buy these for a very long time, from waay before I became a raw vegan. Now I will finally easily be able to make all the delicious things I need for both meals and snacks.

Got almost all the tools I need now – only things missing is the juicer and the dehydrator, as well as a really high-speed blender. These things can be gotten in their own time though: I can manage well with my current blender using some technique, sis will bring a dehydrator sometime in the future (or maybe not depending on how my diet develops) and when I feel I am ready for it I will get myself a juicer. Going to munch on some more pistacchios now before getting back to working on mr. Heidegger.

Wait a second – am I weird or did that just sound like I had duct taped and abducted him from the past and were just going to look for the rusty and really dull knife? 😛