Out of operation?

Kind of annoying and boring thing happened couple of days ago – my blender broke. I was making banana ice-cream and as I was shuffling the frozen bananas down the plastic pieces on the bottom of the blade that transfers power into movement broke. I had warranty and turned it in, but it’s going to take a while to fix. Does that mean I’m not eating any raw anymore? N O. First off I learnt a valuable lesson from this. Something we should always do, turn the bad into good. This means that these things are pretty vulnerable so now that I can freeze banana pieces properly, I should probably make the ice-cream in my food processor again.

That is a great lesson and I*m glad I learnt it, even though it’s a bit annoying as I can’t really make sauces and smoothies anymore. But I’m still high-raw. I’m just sticking to nice puddings instead. Look at this beauty – isn’t she fantastic 🙂

Just chuck 250 grams of dates, 500-800 grams bananas and some cinnamon, cardamom and giner in the food processor and churn it and you can have your own 🙂



Mango chocolate

I was just at the grocery store and I saw this product marketed – a “Mango” chocolate bar. That’s right the newest trick from the sales and advertising crew to try people to keep their bad habits and try to think of them as healthy is tricking them that they can buy a product like this and it’s a lot better for them than buying a regular chocolate bar, because its got fruit in it! The sad part is that people are actually falling for this, I’ve seen people at the checkout line buying these. People, it is not more healthy. There is probably less than 2% mango in there. Cut out the crap and buy a regular chocolate bar if you want it so bad and be honest with yourself what you are eating. Trust me, it’s better.