Comparing Animal rights activists to terrorists is insane!!!

I read a very disturbing article in the paper today. It is part of a series of articles looking into extreme movements, like neo-nazi’s and muslim fundamentals. So far so good, but todays “target” was animal rights movements. This is really messed up, because there is no comparison between these movements. Some people call them terrorists because they cause some damage, but this is wrong on so many levels. You cannot, I repeat, cannot name someone who promotes that we should have a culture of non-violence a terrorist. You might think that corporate destruction is bad, and well yes it is, ideally it wouldn’t be necessary, but it’s not enough to label them as terrorists. Corporate destruction has been part of any revolution. Just look at the boston tea party – corporate destruction. Look at protesters who break into weapon manufacturing plants to protest us exporting arms to nations engaged in civil war – corporate destruction (these people strangely enough are not labeled terrorists). Either words have meaning or they don’t. Terrorism first of all strikes arbitrarily – which animal rights activism doesn’t. It strikes against uninvolved people and civilians – again animal rights activism doesn’t. Calling animal rights activists terrorism (or indirectly making people make this connection) is horrible. Even the people who hurt or threaten people as part of their militant activism (these people are sooo not the majority) are in no way comparable to real terrorists like neo-nazis and muslim fundamentals. These activists have served a great purpose – they have over the course of the years shown us what is systematically done to animals and forced us to THINK about it. They have made countless people (like me) face this and made decision to become a vegan not only for health reasons, but for ethical as well. Do not discount what these people have done and are doing by smearing their name.


Jag kommer aldrig att bli mainstream

Socialdemokraterna har valt en ny partiordförande och vad gör DN? Hälsar på i hans gamla hemstad och talar med hans gamla lärare. Ok, jag inser att jag ALDRIG kommer att kunna bli mainstream för uppenbarligen så funkar det här på folk. Jag skiter i vad hans högstadielärare tyckte om honom – jag bryr mig om här och nu. Överhuvud taget själva idén att återvända till min högstadieskola är så främmande för mig att det inte finns. Jag var där en enda gång efter avslutningen och det var för att vi var tvungna i biologi eller något att hålla en lektion för någon grundskoleklass.

Väntar på uppföljaren – att de drar fram hans fru och förklarar att det var hans kärlek ifrån högstadiet och att de hållit ihop under alla år sedan dess.

Swine flu stupidity


About 30 swedes died in the swine flu, practically all not vaccinated. For all intents and purposes then it is as if no vaccination would have done in those cases, but more people die from the normal season flu, with far less deaths. And we still had 40% unvaccinated people in Sweden. A massive and very expensive operation, at 205 million USD (+ scare-tactics) got people to vaccinate and the results weren’t better compared to unvaccinated people and they have the gall to call the decision for mass vaccinations correct. They take a bash against the anti-vaccination lobby and other “conspiracy theories”, but I’m still waiting for the reasons that explains to me why vaccination is a good choice – it’s like walking with crutches year round not to break a leg – maybe, maybe work is the short-term, but it destroys the immune system, since it doesn’t get any training. It doesn’t train on the vaccine shorts since they don’t come through the natural way.

Let’s see the government put some funds into getting people more healthy so they won’t get sick and won’t need to fear these seasonal flu’s – lower fruit and veggie prices for one and raise them for candy and snacks. But of course if people were truly healthy they would not need the vaccine and would see through these lies, which would be bad for business.

It bears repeating. The killer is not and has never been SARS, the Swine flu or west nile disease. It’s the buffalo wings, it’s whatever is in special sauce, it’s pesticides, it’s lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s high-fructose corn sirup, other refined sugars, trans fats and all those ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Even if they don’t kill you directly they make you weak enough so that crap like the swine flu can kill you off and then the government can do these projects to give money to their corporate friends and then say that it was a good decision even though it didn’t to anything.

Is personal responsibility dead?

Reading in the paper that a Danish sailing boat has been hijacked by pirates and the family with three teenage children are being held hostage, when they were sailing in the area of the Horn of Africa. Sorry if I don’t cry a river over this, because I don’t really feel that the Danish government is responsible for paying any ransom at all for these nimwits. There is such a thing as personal responsibility. If you regularly drink you accept that your liver is going to take a hit, smokers accept that the chances they will get lung cancer are high. But somehow these numbskulls who go on a fishing trip at areas infested with pirates known for hijacking and ransoming ships are not supposed to have this responsibility.

What happened to natural selection in this world? The child who swallows one too many marbles doesn’t live to pass his genes on to the next generation.

Libertarianism and trans fats


All politicians are whores to the lobbies, but some are more or less obvious about it. The opposition wants to ban trans-fats, but our so-fantastic government is against it. Someone should tell them that while libertarianism is about giving the freedom from the government it is (a) not the freedom never to be told anything or have anything forbidden (such as rape and killing) and (b) it is the freedom of the PEOPLE, not the corporations the ideal is about, ok? They are just showing more and more where their loyalties lie.

What is it you are not understanding about this?


The fish are dying. According to researchers from the Canadian University of British Columbia 2 thirds of all predatory fish has now disappeared from the world’s seas – in the last century! When are consumers going to understand that the time (illusion) when the threat of the collapse of the marine ecosystem could be combating by changing what fish to eat depending on which species of fish was about to die at that moment is over. We can no longer blame politicians for being spineless in allowing these predatory corporate fishers with no regard to the lives of other species or the future of our planet to do as they wish. Actually, we never could. Politicians have always been, are and will be whores – they will go with the person (interest group) that gives them a wad of cash. Oh, do notice that I have nothing against actual whore, I want to be straight about that.

As a consumer you have two option. Stop bitching about the lack of spine of politicians about this and stop saying that you care about the future of the seas, since you carefully pick what fish to eat, OR stop eating fish (and fish oil). Simple as that. Since fish are totally laden with mercury nowadays you don’t even have a health reason to do it either. You can get far more Omega-3’s from ground up flax seeds.

The definition of corruption


Last year Margot Wallström got a UN-job as a representative (Swedish) to monitor women’s situation during war and other conflicts. She got it the job january 31st, one month earlier SIDA (the institution who monitors and gives money for welfare work in developing countries) had given 43 million SEK (6.7 million USD) to a UN-fond working with the same stuff ) – sexual violence in armed conflicts. Coincidentally enough this was done the autumn of 2009 when they found at a position to work against sexual violence would be appointed. This was a good idea, because as it happens the UN didn’t have any money for her employments so 1 million SEK from this fond – supposed to aid actual victims, was used to ay for her salariey and the salaries of her staff. She gets between 10 800-12 000 USD, tax-free (they pay a due to the UN instead). As a Swedish person I am totally ashamed of my country.

It also seems as she didn’t even get the job through the original general assembly where the different member countries has the power, but rather through Ban Ki-moon and the security council.

But no, this is not corruption, no of course not. How do I now this, because Margot Wallström says “For a person who comes outside this can seem peculiar, but this is how this are always done”. SIda and the department of foreign affairs and Sida claims (feigns ignorance) they do not have any knowledge of any affair, but only started lobbying when they found out that Wallström could get the position.

The definition of corruption is not realizing when you are engaged in corrupt behavior or in an organization which has systematized it. For people to cry wolf now and demand that Ban Ki-moon gets replaced is too late. The corruption is too systematized so you either have to replace the entire bunch or just let the UN (run by a coalition of anti-libertarian countries or those who don’t believe in globalized cooperation) disappear and replacing it with cooperation with US, EU and hopefully sometime in the future emerging coalitions from a democratized africa (I am NOT talking about the dictator-run African Union)