A few moments in the mind of a philosopher

1.  I am human, this means that I will make mistakes

2. I am often impulsive, because of my passion about certain subjects. This can cause me to jump to some conclusions ahead of time.

3. I may sometimes overstate my case and come on a bit too strong. This is not always conclusive to good persuasion or my intents.

4. I feel shame whenever I am made aware of these things.

5. But negative emotions are not there for us to remain at the bottom, but a stimulus for improvement.

6. I can see my mistakes and the people who will bring me awareness are those who care and in those that I will get the chance to grow.

7. Perfection is impossible. With every mistake I do, I fall back and learn and I come back stronger. The next time I will do a little better.

8. One day I believe that I truly will be able to keep my actions to the demeanor and strategies that my beliefs commit me to.

9. I do not however allow this to make myself feel smaller. I am proud of the person I have become from my past difficulties and look with expectation of the person I will be able to become in the future.

10. I love myself.



My journey from sad and overweight to happy and healthy

Chris Kendall asked me to write a testimonial for his page. Since he was the #1 influence of me being the healthy, happy and RAW individual that you see before you today I was more than happy to do it. I was excited by the very fact that Chris actually wanted ME to write this piece. As my own journey from the standard western diet to 811LFRV is an important part of me I think I would share it with all of you.

I have for a large part of my 24 years been overweight. The exception was a brief period in my second year of high-school when I had done a lot of running during the summer (which I couldn’t keep up in the winter and rebounded). The situation has been the same, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but never hitting my correct weight.
After I returned from a visit to my sister in NY last june I started reading a book called “the tao of health, sex and longevity”. It, together with positive influences I got during my visit got me to want to try out to improve my diet. I started with red meat and did some reading, eliminating more foods as I went. Then I came into contact with Chris Kendall’s ebook “101 simply delicious raw recipes” and the results were AMAZING. Easily going from 0%-100% raw overnight I went from a weight of 100-105 kg at 189 cm (very overweight) to quickly dropping 5-10 kg without doing anything consciously. After 6-9 months on the diet I was down at 85 kg (ideal weight according to BMI) and feeling amazing. A weight I hadn’t had since high school, a shirt size I haven’t had since puberty and an energy and well-being I haven’t ever had.
I had originally only planned to take raw as an experiment, maybe incorporate a bit into my diet, but never did I think that I could be munching up 3000-5000 calories/day in bananas and dates. And SALADS. I who never in my life had liked salads, in any form!!! Sure I munched on A LOT of apples, but didn’t like bananas much (probably at least in part due to never eating a ripe one before going raw) or many vegetables really cooked or raw – it wasn’t for me. But he had recipes for everything, a good berry-orange dressing sorted out my salad phobia just fine. As I said, I never though I would go to 100%, but the recipes were just so amazingly easy and delicious that it wasn’t a conscious choice really, I mean maybe I had some roasted nuts, but in general not a choice I had to think about.
Almost a year later I feel invigorated with energy. I, who suffered from having so few friends in Uppsala have now a gigantic community spread over the world. The subject of health has interested me so I have read up a lot on the subject so I am now an authority to many people in forums and em giving THEM health advise and helping (and convincing) them to transition to a plant-based diet, some raw some not. Going raw have had effects on so many levels I cannot put it into words, thank you Chris for existing and being one of the greatest influence upon my life and getting me to health and friendships.

Eternal love and gratitude,
Johan Agstam

The double-standard of sleep in society

Thinking a bit about sleep, society says that it cares a lot about sleep, scientists are steadily releasing studies showing the effects of x and y amount of sleep and people are encouraged by our public actors to get more sleep so we will perform better in our duty to the system. Let’s leave out the tyrannical side of just considering human beings as cogs in a wheel for a second and just analyze whether this picture is actually correct. For as we all know just because a public representative is saying something it doesn’t mean that they mean it – or even if they mean it are capable of seeing the bigger picture.

Say that I want to get 8 hours of sleep. Right now I am a university student so that would be no problem at all, I would get less time, but due to more nerve energy would get more done in that time. But students are not the norm so lets see a few other positions:

High School Student – School starts at 8:30 AM (not counting comuting, which could be 1-2 hours one-way if you live in the suburbs – meaning get up at around 6-3:30) and ends between 2 and 5 PM (mostly 5). This basically means that for the high-school student to get those 8 hours of sleep he should more or less go to bed when he gets home and has gotten his dinner (maybe relaxing for a hour or so). Personally I really don’t see THAT MUCH of a problem with this, high-school is not somewhere you really gain “knowledge”. Think back – what did you really learn in high school? That’s right…nothing! It’s a storage facility where the kids are kept to mature a few extra years until they are ready for society (be it work or uni.). But to mature they need to be able to receive and properly react the the correct input. So if everything with school ended at school it would not be as much of a problem, but they are also given homework, which takes a few extra hours to do. So they are telling the high-school students to get their 8 hours of sleep, but making it impossible for them to do so.

For a teacher the situation would be even worse, as their hours would far extend beyond those of the students, and they who needs to supervise the students needs far more nerve-energy than students who “just” needs to react to input. Bottom line: the society today is supposedly maximized for efficiency, but as they don’t allow the people to get the energy they require to be effective (which anyways is not holy writ for what makes good society on it’s own) it is not conductive to those purposes. I don’t say that science  is right all the time or that more of anything is always correct (those in this case it is), but if society is not going to be serious in allowing it’s population to get sleep, it should just be serious about it and stop telling them to get x hours of sleep, they have done it realistically impossible for them to get (except for professions who do not have a strict work schedule, but rather works based on things that must be done in a day).

Just go to sleep

Been doing some discussions with some SAD-eaterns (Sometimes together with vegans/vegetarians) the last couple of days. While the general people are just plain willfully ignorant, basing all arguments on hearsay etc. I just came up against one person that was so stupid I can’t comprehend it. She was basically defending her killing animals for her meat consumption as no different than “killing” her fruit and veggies. How some people can sleep-talk to that degree while they are wide awake and in front of the computer is beyond me…

Fear, evolution and what the hell is wrong with our culture

On my last rhetorics class we talked about speech fear/nervousness a bit. While we had different experiences and beliefs for how to combat this an interesting aspect came up. Me and another girl both had this – while mentally we do not finding making a speech to be a frightful experience, no matter how well-prepared or calm we are we still usually get some physical reaction when we hold some kind of speech or presentation, in my case my legs shake sometimes. This lead me to the following reflection – this is like so many other wonderful aspects of the human body (e.g. easily gaining body fat from a sedetary lifestyle) a remnant from evolution. We have gained abilities that serve to preserve the species form extinction. The fear (mind and/or body) serve, like spiderman’s spider-sense, to warn us of a dangerous situation so that we can do a 180-degree turn and run like hell. All evolutions abilities are essentially good, but society has perverted many of them to working against man, instead of with him. Now to my question – how does a culture work when a simple and natural act like talking to other people activates our survival-instincts? There has got to be something wrong with the culture if it is like this, right?