Raw mashed potatoes

I’ve tried this one a number of times in the past with epic failure, but thanks to the help of Toni Allen I’ve managed to find an great way to enjoy mashed potatoes raw. I’ve worked with changing the recipe since to my needs, which is what I encourage all of you to do. Lets get to the recipe. It’s pretty general for the most part, you have to work out what fits you best yourself:

  • Cauliflower and/or broccoli
  • 1/2 cup soaked cashews or sunflower seeds
  • dill (ESSENTIAL)
  • spices, could be optional. Add what you like, I like a touch of curry, paprika and turmeric.
  1. Start with chomping everything in the food processor.
  2. Transfer to blender adding water as necessary, not too much though. If you added too much just do another churning of broccoli or cauliflower (no spices or nuts needed) in the food processor and add.
  3. Enjoy. I find a pure cauliflower does very well with some raw tomato sauce, while the cauliflower/broccoli mix I enjoyed today does very well on its own. What you will make will depend on your mood.


What is the best source?

I was out doing some shopping after my swimming for my dinner, was thinking a zucchini pasta wouldn’t be bad (I had already recarbed) so I bought my ingredient. Was feeling pretty good and just walking out to my bike with my stuff. Just as I pass by the florist I see a sign “local, organic apples, 45 cents/each” and I’m like WOAW head’s going circles and I’m lucky I didn’t get a wiplash, lol. I just drop my stuff go there and pick it up. Alright feeling great to the touch, smells like homegrown. I just take a bag and stuff as many as I can into it, was something like 25 and just bought them. Tasted one afterwards and they tasted like NO apple I’ve ever tasted before, they actually tasted lightly sweet, it’s a kind of apple I’ve never tasted before. And it got to ripen before it was picked, how great is that!!! I talked with the florist and found out they do this every year. A shame I didn’t know before the season was always over or I would have bought a lot more, but believe me I will be buying them as long as they have it and be watchful next year. It’s laughable really, the florist got cheaper, local (the organic ones are from chile, the conventional ones at best domestic) and most likely far more organic (I can just feel it on the skin) than the grocery store. So while the grocery stores always have the full range of fruit that we need, we need to remember that it may not be the best source for each and every one of them.

Ok, I gotta dig in before I drool all over my keyboard ❤

Raw vegan Chili

My own invention of a raw vegan chili, just as thick and saucy (or rather not saucy) as I like it:

3 cobs of corn (you can use frozen sweetcorn as well. Some of them do parboiling so try to avoid those, just make sure that country of origin is not where GM corn is produced)
3-4 large handfuls of sprouted green lentils
3-4 small diced mushrooms

satay sauce (about 50% used):

4-5 tomatoes
6 soaked sun-dried tomatoes
1 red bell pepper
8 dates

Enjoy and just go YUUUUM ♥

Cucumber stew

I was in a bind tonight. I usually use blended tomatoes as the base for me stew/soup/dressing (unless we talking sweet), but none here at the moment, yet I wanted a stew/soup. What to do, what to do? Hmm, hmmm, hmmm – AH! I finally remembered that Andrew Perlot had a cucumber recipe in his “savory raw dressings and sauces” so I combined that with a standard soup/stew base I follow (with some modifications depending on situation) and it was WONDERFUL – even better than tomato maybe. Nah, pretty much 50/50 I say, but variation is wonderful.

So how did I do it, well I threw together one peeled cucumber and 2 tangerines and blended them. Used a celery stick as a tamper and as I pushed the ingredients down the blade ripped off about an inch so that’s in there too (not too fond of celery, but they make excellent tampers and in small amounts blended). Then I poured that over 1/2 diced cucumber ,1 diced small zucchini, maybe 200-250 grams and 2 red bell peppers. Stirred around, took a bite and started hallucinating ❤

Pad thai

I finally made an investment into a spiralizer, which I got a few days ago, so I can make great vegetable noodles of all kinds of veggies and, unlike the one that is like a vegetable peeler, it’s quick and hassle free. Ok, the first 10 minutes I was angry with it, until I got how you should use it, but the OH – DO I LOVE IT!!! – I do 😛

Well, since I have it I should get to using it. So after some nice morning work in the sun and fresh air for about an hour (hello vitamin-d) I decided to make myself some delicious pad thai that I found and adapted in one of Chris Kendall’s video blogs – goood, was this delicious. I love the dish and the spiralizer – carrot noodles are great and cuke and zucchini noodles “taste” better when they got this shape and thickness.

God, I love noodles, always have and always will, and now that I have the tools to make it, it will be on the menu a lot more often to get me my greens 🙂


Make noodles of about half a kilo zucchini and cucumber (each) and 1 big carrot. Top with 2 mushrooms and 2 medium tomatoes and a BIG handful of sprouts. Then make a sauce from one date, a handful of peanuts, 2 sun-dried tomatoes and a few cloves of garlic and 1/2 a chili + some water to get the right consistency. Pout over and mix around in a big bowl and enjoy 🙂

Apple pie

So I found a recipe for a Raw apple pie the other day (yesterday) and I thought to myself “This has to be checked out” so I did a few minutes ago and BOY was this delicious. Be sure to get the apples organic as they are on the pesticide shitlist. Depending on country local can be treated the same (as I do with Swedish), but that depends on your domestic pesticide use. Here is the recipe so make as much as you care for, this amount round up nicely for one meal at around 1300-1400 calories ❤

1 kg organic apples

300 grams deglet noor dates

1. Dice 1/2 of the apples and put into bowl.

2. Chuck the rest of the apples and dates into food processor.

3. make sure you got all the apples covered in the “sauce” and enjoy the deliciousness ❤

Cucumber-Orange Dressing


I’ve been having a problem keeping to the 80/10/10 diet. Not quitting the raw or the ratios, but rather keeping to the 2-6% greens. I don’t like green smoothie, making zucchini noodles is tasty, but not THAT tasty. Ok, I’m left with salads then, but I don’t really know that many dressings. I know a few – most expensive to make, at least if we are talking on a daily basis. So I went ahead and bought Andrew Perlot’s: Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces, and BOY am I glad I did. It is a great book. Not many recipes, actually just 8, but they are really good and simple (and most cases very cheap) recipes to make, but more importantly he also talks a lot about the principles for how you make your own creations (important to me later, but not now) and how to make a tomato sauce thicker or thinner (very important for me). I went ahead and tried out this really cheap and totally delicious creation an orange-cucumber dressing on a bed of spinach: Peel a medium cucumber and blend together with an orange and pour over the salad, so simple, so delish, do FANTASTIC – thank you for the book Andrew (Yes, I did pay, but he still deserves thanks for it).

The book is really cheap, only 10 dollars and can be bought at his site: http://www.raw-food-health.net/Savory-Raw-Dressings-And-Sauces.html