Cucumber-Orange Dressing


I’ve been having a problem keeping to the 80/10/10 diet. Not quitting the raw or the ratios, but rather keeping to the 2-6% greens. I don’t like green smoothie, making zucchini noodles is tasty, but not THAT tasty. Ok, I’m left with salads then, but I don’t really know that many dressings. I know a few – most expensive to make, at least if we are talking on a daily basis. So I went ahead and bought Andrew Perlot’s: Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces, and BOY am I glad I did. It is a great book. Not many recipes, actually just 8, but they are really good and simple (and most cases very cheap) recipes to make, but more importantly he also talks a lot about the principles for how you make your own creations (important to me later, but not now) and how to make a tomato sauce thicker or thinner (very important for me). I went ahead and tried out this really cheap and totally delicious creation an orange-cucumber dressing on a bed of spinach: Peel a medium cucumber and blend together with an orange and pour over the salad, so simple, so delish, do FANTASTIC – thank you for the book Andrew (Yes, I did pay, but he still deserves thanks for it).

The book is really cheap, only 10 dollars and can be bought at his site:


Pure deliciousness

Continuing my raw-food only diet, now on day #5. Not much happened today, since I was feeling really lazy today – had to show my newly-moved friend to the supermarket again too, but I did get some work done. It was boring at first, but I am getting more and more recipes to add to my raw-repertoire – today I decided to make a celery slaw with celery&date sauce. First slaw ever too, and it was pure deliciousness. In hindsight I need to get a high speed blender and probably make more sauce as well, but it was just amazing – reminded me a bit of apple pie – probably the cinnamon in the sauce. It was really amazing to get something like that with a perfect mix of sweet and salty too.

Enjoyed a lot of different things today – ate a lot of avocados that I had left over, I can never resist to eat avocados when I got some. I was lucky when I went shopping a little bit an hour ago too to find some fresh dates at the supermarket, I’ve only found the dried ones before (Which I don’t particularly like) and have never gotten around to going to that moroccan market – now I can have the best of two worlds 🙂 – they were a lot cheaper than the dried ones too around 48 sek/kilo.

Also decided to try my hand on some flax seed crackers – you just can’t find proper crackers on even a gluten-free vegan diet in Sweden, let alone a raw vegan diet. Solution: make the damn crackers yourself. The so-called “dough” (looks more like a stir-fry mix if you ask me) is fermenting overnight and tomorrow it should supposedly be able to dry into crackers just by placing them on some baking paper. We’ll see how that goes.

The recipe for the slaw:

500 grams of celery (diced)

8 dates

dash of cinnammon

depending on blender maybe some water to get it going (mine needed it)

2/3 of the celery goes into a bowl, the rest goes together with dates and cinnamon into the blender. Pour and scrape sauce into bowl and mix around. Enjoy.


Ahhh, heaven…

Today is my second day of raw-food cooking and I decided to make a salad. Daring, I know, since I’ve always kind of disliked salads due to them always having vinegar in them, and thus the word salad has had a certain negative feeling in my mind. Anyways, I found a really delish recipe in Chris’s book that I decided to make – a berry salad. Blending half a cup of mixed berries and 3 tangerines to a sauce and pouring on top of some chopped spinach, another tre tangeringes (diced) and another half cup of mixed berries. It was so delicious I couldn’t stop eating – overeating haven’t really been a topic for me since I went on raw food, but I got enlightened that oh yes it can still happen, just want to go make myself another bowl right now 😛

Another amazing thing with going on raw food is that I’m loosing weight like crazy. If it keeps going on like this for a few more weeks I will have successively lost more weight on this diet in a month than all my efforts on cooked (and non-vegan) food for years 🙂

The recipe for the salad:

250-500 grams of spinach

1-2 cups of mixed berries

5-6 tangerines

1. Roughly chop the spinach and half of the tangerines. Add into big bowl with half of the mixed berries

2. Blend remaining tangerines and mixed berries to a sauce/dressing. Pour and scrape into the bowl and mix around.

3. Enjoy a taste of pure heaven